#MotivationMonday: Overcoming Obstacles

This week during our live Facebook broadcast we discussed something every single one of us faces: obstacles. I shared how a shift in mindset changed my life and the way I view obstacles. Read on to hear more about the overview and our discussion. 


overcoming obstacles motivation monday


The major shift in mindset: the obstacle is the way. 


I shared how I think of obstacles as levels in a video game (dorky, I know). There are always things/skills/tricks you need to learn and master before you pass the level. Why? Because you will need those skills (and more) in the next level. 

There are no shortcuts. You NEED to know whatever you will learn by facing the obstacle in front of you. Running from it only keeps you where you are, and prolongs it. THROUGH the obstacle, is the only way forward. 

When I am feeling challenged by something that I view as an obstacle, instead of wishing it away (ok, I still do that sometimes, I am human after all) I try to realize that there is a lesson I need to learn in order to get to the 'next level'. The bigger the obstacle, the more challenging, the more skills I need to finally overcome it, the bigger the reward, the greater the 'level up'. 

Five Steps to Overcoming Obstacles

1.Recognize the obstacle

2.What is the frustration? What is it stopping you from doing/getting/being?

3.Evaluate what skill/tool needs to be developed to overcome it (this may be trial and error and/or be multiple things!)

4.Work relentlessly towards those skills.

5. Implement those skills. If it doesn't work, start back at step 1 with your new knowledge

Some other really brilliant ideas shared with us by community members: 


  • Positive affirmations 
  • Share your obstacle with a friend/mentor and brainstorm to try to gain a new perspective
  • When you are particularly frustrated, remind yourself you have done harder things. Acknowledge your progress and know that this too, shall pass (well you will pass it and level up!)

Share in the comments your favorite ways to overcome obstacles! 

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xox, Callie 

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