#MotivationMonday: Ways to Survive the Holidays with Less Stress

This past week during our weekly live episode of #motivationmonday, we talked about how stressful the holidays can be, and discussed some tips and tricks to help us make it through with less stress. Read on to see our list of tips and tricks on reducing stress!

  1. Learn to say "no": you are not obligated to say 'yes' to every single holiday event/function/opportunity. Learning to politely decline will help you set boundaries, maintain your sanity, and prioritize. End result? A more enjoyable holiday season, and isn't that the goal? 

  2. Ask for help when you need it: this one sounds easy, but let's be real. How many times has somebody offered to help and we reply with 'that's ok, I've got it!". Don't be shy when somebody offers to help! Childcare, bringing dessert or a dish to a function, or helping you wrap gifts, whatever it is!

  3. Do what you can as early as possible: we all know that procrastination is super fun and not stressful at all, right? NOT! This was a great idea we heard lots of ideas on! Get shopping done early, either online or before the malls get crazy. Bake tons of cookies each year? Make and freeze the dough ahead of time. Basically get whatever you can done as early as you can so that you can enjoy the moment more often when the season is upon us! 

  4. Ask for gift wrapping: when you're shopping, see what gift wrapping options are available. Tons of small businesses still offer free gift wrap, and you can often select gift packaging when ordering online! If its not available at the store, check to see if a charity organization is set up in the mall! For a donation they will wrap your gifts, and you'll support a good cause!

  5. Keep your rituals: do you wake up and have quiet time and tea every morning? Read before bed? A bath on Sunday nights? Whatever it is, do your best to keep your rituals during the holidays. Its a great way to decompress and feel 'like normal' during the hustle and bustle. 

  6. Adjust traditions that aren't enjoyable: yes, traditions are great. But if everybody is miserable, or the financial strain is too great, consider switching it up. Maybe your young children simply can't appreciate the ballet quite yet. That's ok. You can come back to it when they are older. Stressing over maintaining traditions for traditions sake should certainly be reconsidered. 

  7. Take time for yourself: make an effort to set some time aside for 'me time'. Maybe its a bath, a massage, getting your nails done, or just quiet time with coffee (even if it means leaving the house and escaping to a coffee shop with a book). Time to reset will leave you better able to handle any stress that pops up. 

  8. Consider experiences for gifts: if your shopping list is stressing you out, consider taking a friend or family member out for lunch, or to something 'to do' instead of hunting down something specific. 


We hope you enjoyed this list of ideas for surviving the holidays with less stress! We would love to hear your tips in the comments! 

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